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June 5-7th 2015
M.I.S.E. Open Air
Homburg / Ohm (Ger)

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March 3rd 2015

This weekend we will record the drums drums for our new album DEVILUTION. It's gonna be great! Check out our Facebook page for regular studio updates:


January 2nd 2015

Good news every one! First off: The HELLRAISER album is finally available on vinyl. Find it in the shop!

And here are the big news:
We are done with the songwriting and our new album will be out in 2015 (Working title: Devilution). Here's the track list:

- Devilution
- Let's get loaded
- Rock'n Roll children
- We don't get drunk
- Seasons of the witch
- Rock'n Roll on my mind
- Too old for dying young
- El pollo diablo
- Atlantean Dawn (Ballad version)