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March 14th 2015
Marsberg (Ger)
@ METAL DIVER Festival

April 25th 2015
Braunschweig (Ger)

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January 2nd 2015

Good news every one! First off: The HELLRAISER album is finally available on vinyl. Find it in the shop!

And here are the big news:
We are done with the songwriting and our new album will be out in 2015 (Working title: Devilution). Here's the track list:

- Devilution
- Let's get loaded
- Rock'n Roll children
- We don't get drunk
- Seasons of the witch
- Rock'n Roll on my mind
- Too old for dying young
- El pollo diablo
- Atlantean Dawn (Ballad version)


Septembeer 8th 2014

Hey guys, songwriting makes great progress. If we keep up that speed, you can definitely expect our next album in 2015!

DON'T FORGET our Split-Vinyl-Single release this month including our brand new epic song 'The wild hunt' and the DRAGONSFIRE hymn 'Cider victims'.

This will be a vinyl only version limited to 666 copies (500 in black and 166 in coloured vinyl with special goodies) only available at For Those Who Chose To Pose Records!

Make sure to get your copy and pre-order this strongly limited
piece of steel at:

The wild hunt